facilitate the transition to a regenerative and sustainable agriculture

We support cooperatives, traders and farmers in the implementation of the agro-ecological transition of their farms, by providing the necessary tools and financing.

"I have for many years, a particular attention to the health of my soils and they return it to me well. So when you talked to me about financing associated with practices that I want to implement, I naturally listened with an attentive ear. I chose Carbone Farmers because beyond the fact that you understand the problems of farmers and that you are available, you are transparent in your approach. I know that I receive 75% of the financing with a payment from the beginning of the first year."

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let's work together

how does it work?

3 steps, 3 contributions Carbone Farmers, a unique value distribution model:




Pre-study at the farm level: potential of emission reduction and sequestration

Provision of a MRV tool* Establishment of a deliverable integrating the implementation costs and the economic model of the project


Launching of low-carbon projects on farms: implementation of agro-ecological practices

Pre-sale of carbon credits, pre-payment to farmers and payment to cooperatives and traders


Valuation of certified low-carbon productions


Provision of a digital platform to calculate, value and trace low-carbon productions

a flexible approach to adapt to your organization

A division of the roles of agent and financial intermediary to be defined together. 

our commitments as a financial intermediary and agent for low-carbon projects

Securing financing for farmers with the annual pre-sale of credits and the annual pre-payment to farmers at the start of the season

Administrative management, submission, notification and labelling of projects

Annual pre-certification and certification at the end of the project

Provision of certified MRV software for the duration of the project (selected together; we are compatible)

Provision of our FarmGate platform to enhance the value of low-carbon agricultural production

Want to know more?

Make an appointment with Thibaut, co-founder and responsible for relations with the agricultural world. 

to know more about it

the low label


At the initiative of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, in November 2018 the Low Carbon Label was created.
The Low Carbon Label aims to encourage projects leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to a baseline scenario. These projects are framed by methods approved by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

After recognition by an independent third party, these emission reductions are recorded in a dedicated register that identifies the project owner, the agent and the funder.

the generation

a credit


the role of the farmer

The farmer is the driving force behind a low-carbon project. He brings all his rigor in the collection of data for the diagnosis, in the implementation of practices totally adapted to his farm and in the adequacy of the project to the analysis grid of the certification framework. They have a responsibility to their funders and they are committed to maintaining the link with them.

Our farmers are proud to be part of the agricultural transition.

the role of the cooperative

As a day-to-day player in direct contact with farmers, the cooperative provides all its support for the success of the project. It makes its resources available to accompany the farmer.

As an actor in the valorization of farmers' work, it plays a full role with respect to financiers and distinguishes itself in its relationship with its customers, traders and food manufacturers.

our tool

Farm Gate is the essential tool for transmitting quality information to the financiers of the transition, justifying the cost of the transition and providing full transparency on the impact of the financing. It reconnects the entire agri-food value chain by providing traceability of emissions reductions from upstream agriculture. 


We support you in the low-carbon transition of all the workshops on your farms. Carbone Farmers participates and follows the new agricultural methodologies on a daily basis in order to be able to support the financing of the entire agricultural transition in Europe.



We accompany you on the planting of orchards or a perennial fruit crop on land not currently cultivated for this purpose. These projects of planting a new orchard allow to sequester carbon in the biomass of the trees.




The Arable Crops method, developed by a consortium of specialized associations and their technical institutes, is dedicated to cultivation practices that help mitigate the effects of climate change: for example, increasing the use of nitrogen-fixing legumes in crop rotations or reducing fossil fuel consumption.





We support you in the deployment of the "cattle breeding" methodology, which concerns projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cattle breeding and in field crops. Several levers are proposed such as animal feed management or crop management.



The wine industry is working hard to build its low carbon method. Committed to the subject since the beginning of 2021, it aims to submit its document to the MTES before the end of 2021. This approach is part of a global strategy to adapt to climate change. Carbone Farmers will be happy to accompany you on the low-carbon transition of your domains when the methodology is published.